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How do I know Complete Design has successfully received my order?

After you place your order, Complete Design will send you a confirmation letter via e-mail.


How long will it take to receive my order?

It takes Complete Design 48 hours for your purchase order to be processed. We ship plans 2-3 day Priority Mail.


How many sets should I order?

5 sets of plans are included in plan Purchase. We suggest 7-10 sets for each project.


Is my information secure?

Yes. Complete Design has Paypal provide us with the most advanced encryption software to keep all of your personal information safe.

What is Complete Design's return policy?

Complete Design will not accept any returns or exchanges.


What is included with your set plan?

Each set will include between six and twelve sheets including the following:

  • General Construction Notes – Abbreviations, General Notes, Symbols, General Notes, Energy Notes, & Index
  • Floor Plans - fully detailed with dimensions.
  • Exterior Elevations – labeled with material finishes, roof pitches.
  • Building Sections – Noting build up of materials, connections and elevations
  • Foundation Plan – crawlspace, basements, and plumbing location.
  • Joist Plan – Joist Layout, crawl access, and plumbing location.
  • Roof Plan – Roof layout, overhangs, pitches
  • Details – Individual component details.
  • Construction Specifications – Construction standards and material quality standards.
  • The following sheets can be added for an additional fee. (Typically not required by building departments)
  • Electrical Layout – Outlets and fixtures
  • Mechanical Layout – Ductwork and Registers


Are beam calculations provided?

No, vertical gravity load calculations are available for a nominal shipping/handling fee and any associated fee with an engineering seal from a Washington State Registered Engineer only. If located in any other State it is recommended to have an Engineer of that State provide calculations when needed. Allow for additional time and expense involved.


Can Complete Design modify a plan for me?

Yes. Contact us via e-mail or by phone with your changes. Complete Design will provide you with a quote and time frame for the completion of the modifications you requested. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Can I modify a plan to fit my needs?

Yes, you can modify our plans once purchased, however Complete Design is not responsible for modifications and the purchaser accepts full responsibility for the accuracy and integrity of all modifications. As the purchaser you are granted a limited license to have the plan modified for personal or code requirements. Complete Design retains the copyright to the plan and all modified versions.


How do Complete Design Collection designs address high wind and seismic design criteria?

Our stock plans have been designed to meet seismic zone C, 85 mph wind, exposure to other seismic zones and wind speeds can be designed for at an extra fee when located in Washington State.


I have some changes to make to the plans, how should I proceed?

To satisfy the requirements of most building departments, we recommend that you have the plans revised to properly account for your alterations. Our staff can assist you with this, or you can enlist the services of a design professional in your area. In either case, don't wait until the last minute! Plan ahead and allow adequate time for review of structural design changes.


I would like to frame the house differently than shown on your plans?

Changes, such as conversion between framed or trussed roof, are likely to drastically affect the structural design of the house, and should not be undertaken unless all ramifications are clearly considered. If you deviate from the plans, our staff will not be able to support your field changes. You will assume all responsibility to the ramifications of the changes made and their impacts.


I would like to rebuild a plan that I previously purchased. What do I need to do?

It is important that you review the license document, which seals your plan set when it is delivered. It describes the permissions granted you, the user of the design depicted on these plans. You have the right to build this design once, unless you have purchased a "multi-use" license. We offer a discount for repeat purchases of the exact same plan. Contact our office if you plan on reutilizing a plan that you have previously purchased from Complete Design, or for permission to copy or alter the design.


What design load values are used in the gravity calculations you provide?

The structure has been evaluated with Roof Live Load of 40psf, and Soil Bearing Pressure of 1,500psf. Otherwise, design loads follow the I.B.C. code. Calculations using different design values require additional time and costs. It is best to enlist the services of a local professional for such "location-specific" structural redesign.

What roofing materials are typical on your plans?

Our plans will depict Composition/Shake or Tile roofing. The major difference is simply the dead load of the heavier roofing materials, in the case of tile, slate and concrete. You may, for instance, use a different roof material, so long as it's dead load is no more than specified on our plans. Follow manufacturer's installation recommendations for the material you select and verify new loading with truss manufacturer and any possible loading effect to beam, headers and foundation support.


What species of lumber are specified on your plans?

Sawn lumber species are typically Douglas fir, or Hem-fir. Substitution of material (species or grade) should not be undertaken without the review of a qualified professional, as required by your local building codes and ordinances.


Will structural information sheet meet all requirements, everywhere in the United States?

No, you should check with your local building jurisdiction to the actual design requirements of that specific location, which may require additional engineering by a registered engineer of the State where the structure is being built.



Building Code Compliance?

Our plans and associated documents have been prepared to comply with the International Building Code (I.B.C.) and Council of American Building Officials (C.A.B.O.).

I need help understanding notations or corrections to your plans, or I've noticed an error, what should I do?

Contact our plan support department at 509-662-3699. It exists to provide plan clarification, and to control and improve our product quality. Our goal is to provide clear and accurate plans. Please contact us immediately should you encounter any error. It is important that you let us know of any errors or omissions BEFORE you begin construction.


Many products are generically noted?

These plans are not intended to be the only documents of construction. Items, such as mechanical, plumbing and electrical layout, fixtures, and finish products, are matters of both local construction practices and personal choice. Their detailed specifications are a typical function of the general contractor, and a usual part of the construction contract documents.


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